Interviewing the Director of Booby Trap

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Lauren Sargeant is the director of the one act called “Booby Trap.”
Q: Being the director of this one act, what was your creative process?
A: Well once the show was chosen and sent in motion, I already had an idea for this year set wise. I wanted to do something simple, something basic, especially with this piece…I wanted to tell this story as it is, because…I think that many people can feel this story as if it were their own or one close to them, even if they haven’t experienced that. I think we had some issues starting out but once we overlooked those issues and really got started working on this project together as a team effort, it really kind of helped make it self in a way. I was skeptical of the way I fasted at first…but I am very happy with the way it’s turning out, I’m very confident in these people and I’m very confident in the show that we have put on.
Q: What exactly makes this show competition worthy?
A: Competition is a place where…you’re going to get honest feedback on work that you’ve worked really hard on. I think it’s a place where we as a school want to broadcast our best pieces and our best work and I feel that this show in particular took that all into consideration….It is sad and comedic at the same time and it really says something. It’s not just a show that’s there to be a show…I think that’s what makes it competition worthy cause it’s not just a show. This is the show that can really make a difference, but it also has some funny parts. It’s a good show.

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