Wondering Where Brewing Buddies Was Gone?

Nitin Ramadoss, Business Manager

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Food and beverages. Access to coffee, chips, candy, and hot chocolate every morning is a luxury that most schools do not offer. So, who is the mastermind behind this spectacular concept? The Brewing Buddies is a student-lead organization that sells food and beverages on campus. The organization utilized grants and donations to set up a business on campus. Dozens of students refresh themselves with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or buy a delicious snack to save for lunch. The Brewing Buddies are located in the hallway between the 500-room building and the cafeteria.
Brewing Buddies were gone for a considerable period of time, but why? This is a question that had intrigued many faculty members and students since the Brewing Buddies’ untimely disappearance.
In order to understand why the Brewing Buddies are gone, it is important to understand their backstory. The Brewing Buddies was founded by a group of Exceptional Student Education (ESE) teachers to help students develop real-world skills such as selling goods and interacting with costumers. This opportunity enabled students to spend time outside of the classroom and work on their communication skills.
From the consumer’s perspective, Brewing Buddies was a great place to stop by and have a snack. From the seller’s perspective, Brewing Buddies was the perfect conduit to improving real-world skills. So, why did The Brewing Buddies disappear?
The head of the Brewing Buddies organization explained that the sales stopped because the ESE teachers wanted to, “…make [the students] good at one thing at a time…they had to master one task at a time.” It was implied that the students needed more practice at salesmanship and customer interaction in order to resume the business of selling food and beverages in the morning.
When asked what the Brewing Buddies were doing now, the head of the Brewing Buddies organization replied that the organization was, “…just doing teacher orders…[until] [the students] perfect this and they are efficient in this then maybe [The Brewing Buddies] can look at going back to selling to students.”
The Brewing Buddies were never gone permanently. Currently, Brewing Buddies are selling coffee for ten dollars a month to teachers only. Hopefully, Brewing Buddies will go back to selling fresh food and beverages to every one!

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