Remodeling the School With a New Weight Room

Anya Patidar, Staff Writer

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The weight room is a place that affects many students and is a huge part of King High School. However, you may have noticed the bare walls of the weight room, or perhaps the significant lack of equipment. As a result of winning the Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation Grant, our weight room is undergoing renovation.
In coordination with the Team8 Tours, this grant was established by Cal Ripken, an all-star baseball player who made a name for himself in the record books. Ripken has received countless awards for his skill and is a best-selling author, as well as a famed public speaker.
“As a team, the new room will help encourage us to do better since we will be working in a better environment,” senior Cameron Williams, one of the captains of the wrestling team, said.
The foundation’s mission is to build character and teach important morals to at-risk youth in America. They achieve this mission via programs for at-risk youth and youth-development multipurpose parks. These programs teach empathy, social skills, academic proficiency, and leadership, among many other values.
The Badges for Baseball program, for example, drew 8,000 people eight cities, in the effort to build a stronger community, together. In 2017, 698 kids participated in the college experience at nine universities, and 492 kids from 23 states attended week-long camps. This grant is invitation only and to be used for health and fitness purposes. The Cal Ripken Sr. Foundation has touched the lives of more than 1.6 million kids across the nation, and you can also get involved by donating, sponsoring, volunteering, or attending an event.
“In my perspective, this change demonstrates how far we have come as a team over the years. Nobody ever knew about the wrestling team before recent years and our popularity and resources have grown exponentially,” Williams went on to say.
The weight room was not the only facility remodeled with the grant given to our school. The culinary room was also redone, helping our culinary program to give more opportunities to enrich its students.
The remodeling of the weight room is a new stride forward that will help shape many of our lions sports teams for years to come.


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Anya Patidar, Staff Writer

Anya Patidar is a freshman at C. Leon King High School. She enjoys volunteering and organizing nonprofits outside of school. Patidar is looking forward...

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