Florida Is (Possibly) Colored Red in Midterm Elections

Isha Harshe, Editor-in-Chief

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The race for the seat of Florida governor was a very tight race. As of the morning of Nov. 7, Republican Ron DeSantis won with 49.7 percent of the votes. Andrew Gillum had 49.0 percent of the votes, so only a few votes made the difference between Florida being run by a Republican or a Democratic governor. Andrew Gillum conceded the race to Ron DeSantis

Hillsborough County voted majority Andrew Gillum, who carried 53.8 percent of the votes.

Ron DeSantis was backed by President Donald Trump. One of the first things on his agenda is to clean up the water supply and the environment, especially the toxic green algae. He also looks forward to appointing the three Supreme Court justices.

The race for senator was decided … almost. As of Tuesday night, Rick Scott had declared himself as senator. However, only 34, 435 votes separated him and incumbent Bill Nelson, so a recount could be headed since there is only a 0.42 percent difference between the two candidates. Scott supports himself with Trump, while Nelson was endorsed by former President Barack Obama.

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