Changing the Edsby Interface

Isha Harshe, Editor-in-Chief

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If you went to check Edsby Monday morning, you might have realized that it took a long time to load.

That is because Edsby changed its appearance over the weekend.

The color scheme was changed from a light blue to a dark blue, and the fonts were also changed. It seems that Edsby was trying to appear more like a social media site, but all the text is clumped up and the layout seems disorganized.

As of now, files that are posted on Edsby do not have a preview but are downloaded instantly.

Hopefully, the loading time will become more efficient as the new interface is improved upon.

About the Writer
Isha Harshe, Editor-in-Chief

Isha Harshe is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Scepter school newspaper. She is in her senior year in the IB program and this her third year on staff. She enjoys running both cross country and track at King, and loves to paint. Harshe is also the president of the Quill and Scroll Journalism Honor Society and the vice-president of HOSA at King High School.

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