Changing the Edsby Interface

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Changing the Edsby Interface

Isha Harshe, Editor-in-Chief

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If you went to check Edsby Monday morning, you might have realized that it took a long time to load.

That is because Edsby changed its appearance over the weekend.

The color scheme was changed from a light blue to a dark blue, and the fonts were also changed. It seems that Edsby was trying to appear more like a social media site, but all the text is clumped up and the layout seems disorganized.

As of now, files that are posted on Edsby do not have a preview but are downloaded instantly.

Hopefully, the loading time will become more efficient as the new interface is improved upon.

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Isha Harshe, Editor-in-Chief

Isha Harshe is the current Editor-in-Chief of the Scepter school newspaper. She is in her senior year in the IB program and this her third year on staff....

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