District Hopes to Pass Education Referendum

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District Hopes to Pass Education Referendum

Anya Patidar, Staff Writer

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The education referendum has been a topic of discussion throughout the school district. A half-cent sales tax will be proposed on the Nov. 6 ballot, as a chance for voters to help fund schools in the district. Schools in the district have been facing a plethora of problems, including overcrowding and aging of schools.
The funds generated by the half-cent tax can be used for a myriad of duties—from security enhancements, to current technology. After the countless school shootings that have swept the country, districts have decided that maximizing safety is number one priority. This reserve can also supplement educational renovations, such as quality computers, or expand popular subject areas to more opportunities.

“I am in support of it as our schools need funding and we do not get enough money from the state,” said Pre-IB Biology and Chemistry teacher Nicole Richards-Works.
Not just high school teachers, but also middle school teachers are in support for the half-cent tax.

“The schools are in need of funds. With government budget cuts and more funding going to charter schools, our school districts in Florida are receiving less and less money every year. It is important that we support our schools with this tax because we are truly investing in our future and our kids,” said Monica Dutzar, a history teacher at Williams Middle Magnet School.

Unfortunately, this tax cannot be used to pay district employees or teachers. As it currently stands the revenue from the tax will only be used for the following projects: air conditioning, maintenance, safety and security measures, technology, and overcrowding relief.

Some statistics and facts of the tax are listed below:
•The tax will cost each Hillsborough County family about $63 a year.
•This tax will last for 10 years.
•Approximately $131 million will be collected every year.
•An Independent Citizen Oversight Committee will be monitoring the tax spending, to ensure it is utilized correctly.

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Anya Patidar is a freshman at C. Leon King High School. She enjoys volunteering and organizing nonprofits outside of school. Patidar is looking forward...

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