Awaiting Televised Morning Announcements

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Awaiting Televised Morning Announcements

Nitin Ramadoss, Business Manager

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Every student enjoys the auditory flood of information that they receive during the morning announcements, but that sensation is soon to be experienced visually! A televised morning show? With announcements displayed on a screen, every student can enjoy television in the morning. What other form of entertainment is more convenient and appropriate in a school setting? Now, students can have a great time in the morning before the stress of school is induced on them. Televised morning shows may be the right path for spreading information in the high school environment!

“We are going to put them on TV,” said Principal Arlene Castelli, who is behind the push for televised morning announcements.

Castelli stated that there were people currently working to establish the morning announcements and that it would happen in the foreseeable future. With the principal’s assurance, it is guaranteed that morning shows will become a reality!

There is also a great deal of support from the students. In a one-to-one conversation with a senior, it was obvious that individual students wanted a morning show.

“They give useful information,” said senior Kierra Jenkins.

Research on the need for televised morning announcements surpasses the opinions of individual students and the principal. The desire for a morning show is prevalent among most of the students on campus! The majority of the student body agrees with the concept of morning announcements. In a recent poll conducted on Edsby, the school’s grading website, 245 students out of 308 students voted that they supported a televised morning announcement. With 80 percent of the student body in consensus, televised morning announcements will be put into effect.

Now, what are the consequences of televised morning announcements? Most of the student body agreed that a morning show would be helpful in the relay of information, but could television distract and hinder the focus of students? Most classes jump into coursework as soon as the sound of the first bell dances throughout the hallways. A five to ten minute morning show could push back the work that an efficient class can complete in a day. This is particularly detrimental on early release days. Each class is already shortened by ten minutes, so the addition of the morning show could severely constrain the amount of working time that a class has.

There is only one way to see the impact of morning shows: to implement them. Through trial and error, the school can evaluate the benefit of visual information in the morning. Student success is always a priority on campus. Morning shows can promote this goal or prevent it. Now is the time to find out!

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Nitin Ramadoss, Business Manager

Ramadoss is currently a senior in the IB program. He is engaged with numerous extracurricular activities: tennis, speech and debate, FBLA, and Science...

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