The Benefits of the New School Time

Nitin Ramadoss, Business Manager

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Students awake refreshed with 8 hours of sleep to propel them through 8 hours of education. The extra time to sleep is essential for high school students because it improves the clarity of focus and willingness to learn. The previous school time placed many students under psychological and physical stress. A lack of sleep meant a lack of strength: physical and mental. Science explains why 8 hours and more are critical for high school students. When asleep, the mind goes through 2 major phases: non-rapid eye-movement and rapid-eye-movement sleep. It is essential for students to complete these two phases 4-5 times a night in order to have the strength to finish the next day. Without the full completion of these cycles, the melatonin, sleep hormone, production cycle is thrown off track and melatonin is produced during the wrong times of the day. The random production of melatonin induces a spike in sleep drive, an individual’s desire to sleep, resulting in tiredness and sluggish behavior during the day. The good news is that the new school time prevents this by ensuring that students have the necessary amount of sleep to excel in their academic pursuits!

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Nitin Ramadoss, Business Manager

Ramadoss is currently a senior in the IB program. He is engaged with numerous extracurricular activities: tennis, speech and debate, FBLA, and Science...

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