Meeting Arlene Castelli: New Principal of the Lions

Anagha Hesaraghatta, Production Manager

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“Starting over can be challenging, but it can also be a great opportunity to do things differently” – Catherine Pulsifer.

2018-2019: the new year has started and with it there are a few more changes than the last. Following the end of the 2017-2018 year, former principal Michael Rowan, left the lions’ den. Arlene Castelli replaced his position and began her journey as a part of the King High School family this school year. Though Castelli was a principal at her previous school, Williams Middle Magnet School, she has been going through many new experiences since the first day of school.

“I’m just starting off by just getting to know the building, the people, the teachers, the students,” Castelli said.

Following her transition from a middle school principal to a high school principal, a lot of what she has been doing is meeting her administration and familiarizing herself with the school.

“It’s a big school and there’s a lot for me to learn because I’ve been in middle school for so long,” Castelli said in her interview.

Though this is her first year as a principal at King High School, she has been a parent with King High School for six years, as she went through the journey of her daughter and son attending King High. She explained later that her experiences of being with the school already as a parent also added to how she adjusted to the school.

“Some of that stuff I bring with me, I know what would have helped me as a parent and so I want to implement that, so parents won’t have that kind of questions.”

Some new changes she has been in the process of implementing have been weekly e-mails to parents on Mondays “to let parents know what’s going on because I feel like I didn’t know always what was going on”.

Castelli has been using her ideas of changes she felt that the school needed to implement in her experiences as a parent as well as her experiences from her middle school principal life to create a new, fun-filled and exciting year we can all look forward to!

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Anagha Hesaraghatta, Production Manager

Hesaraghatta is in her senior year of IB at King High School. This is her first year on staff. Writing stories is one of her favorite hobbies.

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