Freshmen: To-DO’s and NOT to do’s

Anagha Hesaraghatta, Production Manager

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Having trouble getting situated into high school? Here’s a list of some things to keep in mind when in doubt:

Do get involved.

It is always important to find out your interests and freshman year is the best time to do that. Experiment with different clubs and activities until you find the best one that suits your interests. Some great places to start would be the club fair and maybe try out for some sports you are interested in.

Do NOT carry so much stuff.

You do not need to carry every, single thing that you have. Ask around to see if you do not need to bring everything or if you can leave your books in a class everyday or purchase a locker, but do not carry everything in a large backpack because that takes up too much unnecessary space. Additionally, suitcases: do not carry it all around school. The school is not an airport for you to be carrying your entire luggage with you.

Do walk faster in the halls.

When the bell rings, sometimes you may get lost. Rather than standing in the middle of a hallway like a roadblock, ask a teacher or someone for help to figure out where you need to go.

Do NOT try to act like you can do whatever you want.

Some basic things you should keep in mind are to always respect your teachers and upperclassmen. Do not try to wander into the senior section at lunch or act rude to your peers. Make sure you listen to and pay attention to your teachers because they are here to help you get better.

Do stay organized and on track.

Freshman year is not to be wasted: make sure you take the correct classes and keep up with you coursework. Make sure to get good grades because your GPA is cumulative. Finally, make sure to have fun! High school is a fun time to make good friends and find your interests to carry with you for life.

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Anagha Hesaraghatta, Production Manager

Hesaraghatta is in her senior year of IB at King High School. This is her first year on staff. Writing stories is one of her favorite hobbies.

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