Speechless Spring (A Poem)

Nitin Ramadoss, Business Manager

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Diamond sun light gleaming throughout the spring,

Cascading golden rays with warmth to bring,

Colors blinding to the untrained eye

But art to the sharp eyes that do try,

Critters of many cultures trapeze the landscape,

Blue birds and branched bushes of distinctive shape,

Wings of diversity spread among the creatures,

A wild hierarchy built below the four-legged leaders,

The spring stretches far, curious passions that burn,

Spanning wide and endless with no point of return,

Kissing the sunrise which stands on father horizon’s shoulders,

Filled with life, patriotic for her, like a nation’s soldiers,

She is young and innocent, overflowing with life,

Naïve to aliens and unaccustomed to strife,

Welcoming of guests, but wary in sight,

Eager to learn, never huddled in fright,

As her sweet voice rings throughout the walls of nature,

Air trembles below feathers: a sign of danger,

In the distance, beyond the horizon, inevitability,

The stranger looms afar, approaching with hostility,

Encroaching on the virgin land, soiling all purity,

Bringing nothing but destruction for miles to see,

Man, assuming the controlling position,

Leader of the house and owner of free will,

Innocent spring left fragile and open,

The hungry hyena out of its den,

As the black clouds parted and the lights flood,

The chasteness of spring was covered in mud.







About the Writer
Nitin Ramadoss, Business Manager

Ramadoss is currently a senior in the IB program. He is engaged with numerous extracurricular activities: tennis, speech and debate, FBLA, and Science...

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