Silently Reviewing A Quiet Place

Serena Maner, Staff Writer

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If they hear you, they hunt you. The dead silence brings this all new supernatural thriller to greatness. A Quiet Place centers on Lee and Evelyn Abbott, and their three children Beau, Marcus, and Regan. Around the year 2020, Earth is raided with supernatural creatures called “Death Angels,” creatures who hunt their victims with their hearing. The Abbotts have only one tactic to survive the invasion: silence.

When the theater screen turned black, my mouth was still wide open. I was absolutely stunned. Director John Krasinski’s talent set the bar extremely high for future horror films. Watching an ordinary family perform acts of strength and heroism as never seen before was unreal. After the first few scenes, I knew this film was going to make history.

“I liked it a lot. I liked that the point of it was to be quiet because it made it more suspenseful than any other scary movie I have ever seen,” freshman Karsyn Dozark said.

Though A Quiet Place resembles the Cloverfield franchise, a horror movie surrounding silence is never before seen. Most horror films tactics are based on jump-scares and loud noises, whereas this movie uses tension.

Another thing that I admired about this movie was the representation of the deaf. Millicent Simmonds, who plays Regan Abbott, has been deaf ever since an accidental medication overdose. Simmonds uses sign language as a way to communicate, and eventually her and other sign language coaches taught the other actors, Krasinski, Blunt, and Jupe, how to communicate using sign language. They were able to incorporate this ability into the film itself. Towards the end of the film, Regan’s discovery of how to fight the Death Angels using sign language saved the entire Abbott family. The idea that the heroine of the film was a deaf 15-year-old girl made this film greatly appreciated.

“I think the representation for deaf people was quite impressive. Having the real deaf girl gives it a whole new meaning because it’s genuine and not just someone acting it out for the movie,” sophomore Ye Zhang said.

As an avid horror movie fan, this movie delivered excellence and was definitely a 10/10 in my book. The unbearable silence and tension had me on the edge of my seat. I know for sure I will be the first person in line for A Quiet Place Two.


  • Lee Abbott: John Krasinski
  • Evelyn Abbott: Emily Blunt
  • Regan Abbott: Millicent Simmonds
  • Marcus Abbott: Noah Jupe
  • Beau Abbott: Cade Woodward
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